Sustainability and Green Living are Ancient Ways of being and are now new ways of commerce, technology and living in our global community. There are environmentally responsible, effective, efficient and economical options open for nearly every choice we make. Many local, regional, national, and global businesses are thriving while providing earth-friendly products and services.

There is global awareness of: (click on links to learn)

*Deep Ecology

*The Kyoto Protocal & Greenhouse Gases and the Virgin Earth Challenge

*Renewable, Eco Friendly, Clean, and Efficient Energy, BioFriendly & Sustainable Transportation

*Natural Building, Sustainable Living

*Localization, Fair Trade, Zero Waste Management

*Biodiversity, Organic Agriculture, Permaculture

*Human DeEvolution and return to Simple Ways of Sustainable Living

We can relearn the successful ways of Ancient and Primitive Practices of Sustainability.

Ecopalooza 2005 was a great success! (click on links below)
The Ecopalooza Green Events Network
Photos from Ecopalooza, The Ukiah Daily Journal front page write up of Ecopalooza 2005, & The City of Ukiah's Green Living Day Proclamation declared by the Mayor and City Council of Ukiah & the Co-Producers of Ecopalooza.

Green Living is Good Living!

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